August 2015’s POW-WOW: Policy Production Progress

“The test of our PROGRESS 

is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much;

it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”  


~ Franklin D. Roosevelt


Nestled alongside Mowbray’s Main Road, whooshed past by hustling taxis, bicycling students and colourful Capetonian pedestrians, CANSA‘s Cape Town headquarters houses a passionate team of people who’ve made it their mission to research cancer causes and treatments, educate South Africans about cancer – and provide invaluably expert and heartfelt support to those affected by cancer. And on Wednesday, this matronly old building was host to a boisterously excited group of ABC representatives who were meeting to discuss the group’s most recent efforts and subsequent successes, as well as develop their ongoing goal-driven strategy  → lobbying government to create and implement an equitable breast health policy for all South Africans.

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - Team
Unfortunately not all of our determined damsels were able to be at the meeting — but fortunately, it was because they were so busy making a difference!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller 


In case you’ve just arrived to join us on this tremendous project, are members are featured below! We’re proud to welcome Wings of Hope  to our flock!

(Click on their logo to visit their website – and read more here!)

Advocates for Breast Cancer - Wings of Hope NGO

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - Reach for Recovery

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - Project Flamingo - amaBele Belles

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - CANSA

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - Breast Health Foundation

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - Breast Course 4 Nurses

ABC - Advocates for Breast Cancer - Pink Drive

PHOTOVOICE: Braving The Storm

“I chose this photo because it shows my breast that isn’t there any more. This is my scare, but also my reminders that I conquered cancer.”

~ Margaret, 73 years old (Bonteheuwel, Cape Town)

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52 Weeks in the Year & 52 Powerful Photovoice Advocacy Stories!

One of the most potent advocacy tools is the use of images and photographs – something which PLWC (People Living with Cancer) have leveraged powerfully in their Photovoice Advocacy exhibition to tell the stories of breast cancer survivors about the how they themselves experienced their cancer, their cancer care and treatment.

Photovoice blog image

1856641f9fe03559daf707a8e8dac601While we will be presenting just 52 stories to represent the 52 weeks of the year, we must use this as a way to remember the many, many more patients and survivors in our country – and actively share the stories presented here on behalf of the voiceless.

Watch this video to see more about what this initiative is about and who can take part.

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