ABC: Who Are Our Can-Do Members?

who is in abc

As an ‘umbrella’ coalition of breast-cancer focused non-profit organisations, ABC (Advocates for Breast Cancer) has brought everyone together to really shake South Africa awake to what our current breast cancer situation is, what the consequences are for not having an effective and equitable breast health policy in place — but most importantly, this bold collective aims to get a world-class, standardised breast policy created and implemented for all South Africans.

Here is more information about our awesome, cancer-kicking, world-changing members:


amabele bellesAmabele-Belles: these fiercely fantastic dragon-boat racing breast cancer survivors paddle as a community outreach by generating the funding of additional surgery time slots at Groote Schuur Hospital. This is how these winning women explain why they paddle:


We paddle together to
raise awareness…..
support each other…..get fit….help our
healing….have fun ….learn from each other….
overcome fears…encourage others to
lead full and active lives…make true friends…
create a new state
of wellness in each of us….
inspire others….break the silence
of cancer….
reach out to other women offering a message of hope
and support…. remind us to 
make the most of every moment.

Breast Course for Nurses (BCNbreast course 4 nurses): Pioneered by Dr Jenny Edge (a dynamic surgeon specializing in breast cancer) the Breast Course for Nurses combines distance education with a residential course – with the emphasis on learning, rather than teaching, whilst equipping nurses nationwide with the skills to manage women with breast problems.


Breast-Health-Logo-300x300Breast Health Foundation:

This foundation focuses on breast awareness & education which is done through mobile units, participation in the Transnet-Phelophepa train and the PINK PEDDLARS cycle team.  A “breast cancer chain of survival” through Bosom Buddies and Buddies for Life.



CANSA-logoCANSA: CANSA, as one of the oldest organisations, educates the public and provide support  in all 9 the provinces and enables research.


cancer-buddies-logoPeople Living with Cancer (PLWC) (also incorporating Cansurvive & Cancer Buddies):

An organization that brings together services and projects that focus on the cancer survivor. Their Cancer Buddies provide a 1on1 service and we will share their Photovoice Advocacy work with you. The Cancer.vive team has an annual bike ride for cancer awareness.



pink-drive-logo-2-truck_MBC_R-1024x256Pink Drive: Driving breast awareness and education to every corner of the country, the Pink Drive Mammography Unit and Education Unit provide nationwide breast screening, as well as gynaecology health service.


Reach for Recovery Logo (2)Reach For Recovery: Reach for Recovery volunteers are unsung heros (heroines?). The supportive work they do for breast cancer patients and their families is done quietly and with little publicity. And yet ask a breast cancer patient about being visited in hospital and their face will light up as they tell what a difference that visit and ongoing support made to the way they were able to face their disease.  As well as providing crucial peer support, R4R volunteers through their Project Ditto offer silicone prostheses to those unable to afford them. Reach For Recovery volunteers also promote breast cancer awareness and facilitate an excellent outreach project.


{ WOW! What a team, hey?! Join us on our Facebook page and on Twitter: @BreastcancerABC }

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