Dirty-Dusty State Hospital

Linda’s Photovoice story tells us that the treatment conditions in many of our hospitals and clinics are less than sanitary and safe, let alone comforting! The unsanitary conditions are especially hazardous for those people receving breast cancer treatment because their immune systems are so severely compromised.




Do you have a story to tell? Watch this video to discover just how powerful this initiative is.  Click on this link to submit your photograph and story. We want to hear from you. And – by telling your story, you will be adding your voice to the collective shout in raising the national and international awareness that is needed to shake the truth from the trees: South Africa’s people urgently need an equitable and effective breast health policy!

52 Weeks in the Year & 52 Powerful Photovoice Advocacy Stories!

One of the most potent advocacy tools is the use of images and photographs – something which PLWC (People Living with Cancer) have leveraged powerfully in their Photovoice Advocacy exhibition to tell the stories of breast cancer survivors about the how they themselves experienced their cancer, their cancer care and treatment.

Photovoice blog image

1856641f9fe03559daf707a8e8dac601While we will be presenting just 52 stories to represent the 52 weeks of the year, we must use this as a way to remember the many, many more patients and survivors in our country – and actively share the stories presented here on behalf of the voiceless.

Watch this video to see more about what this initiative is about and who can take part.

If you want to be part of this incredible project, read more about it here and click here for your entry form! Otherwise, find us on our Facebook page!