Water Your Own Garden: Ten Facts


How and Why to Take Charge of YOUR Recovery!

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We’ve collected together these 10 FACTS to calm, empower and encourage you. Read them when you feel frightened, discouraged or lost!


FACT ONE: Cancer is a two-way process: it can grow – but it can also shrink or go into remission.

FACT TWO: People have recovered from every single kind of cancer and are living to tell the tale!

FACT THREE: A healthy body has detection and repair mechanisms for cancer cells.

Maintaining the optimum possible health of your body + mind + spirit + environment = assists in the repair process and boosts your natural anti-cancer mechanisms naturally present in your body.

FACT FOUR: There are many factors and options (aside from orthodox medicine) over which YOU have primary control and which may affect your survival time with cancer. YOU can empower YOURSELF: explore and experiment with these different options to see which best fits in with your unique personality, lifestyle and cancer-type!

FACT FIVE: Your personal response to cancer can make a huge difference to both your quality of life and your survival.

FACT SIX: You are a unique individual — and statistics never apply to individuals! Nobody knows your particular survival time with your particular kind of cancer – especially once you become active in your own defence.

All of the conventional statistics are historical and most likely based on results of people who remained entirely passive, using medicine treatment alone to combat their cancer!

FACT SEVEN: You should see your conventional treatment as ONE component only of your cancer recovery plan — and become actively involved in your recovery process.

FACT EIGHT: It is vital that you do not rely too much on the effectiveness of your medical treatment alone to “cure” you of cancer. Choose to turn your back on the passive patient role and proactively & self-assuredly join forces with your medical team! (Notice the word ‘team’? You are your BEST cheerleader!)

FACT NINE: It is you and not your doctors who are in overall charge of your situation.

FACT TEN: Many people who have chosen to embark on a holistic healing approach end up saying that they are ultimately GLAD they had cancer because they are now feeling more content, self-assured, happier, healthier and more alive than ever before.


{ Adapted  from the Cancer Lifeline Programme, Dr Rosy Daniel of Health Creation }


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