Going Under…


“Drawing on my work as a photographer has helped me to explore changes in my physical and emotional self.  Much of Jo Spence’s work as a photographer was a response to her breast cancer and treatment. Her work raises several important issues based on her experience of cancer treatment and she was particularly interested in the power dynamics of the doctor/patient relationship and the role of healthcare institutions in the infantilization of patients.

However, my first experience of the medical profession was informative and empowering. I have a medical team who shared information with me, who were honest with their facts and who supported me as an individual.” ~ Tracey Derrick: 1 in 9: My Year as a Statistic

How have you experienced your cancer treatment?

What has your relationship been like with your medical team?

*Photograph by Dr Jenny Edge


Specialist Breast Cancer Hospitals in South Africa

 This post is a follow-on of ‘Does Diagnosis = Debt?

 Below is a list of all the hospitals in South Africa where breast cancer is diagnosed and/treated.

specialist breast cancer hospitals in south africa 1

specialist breast cancer hospitals in south africa 2

Dirty-Dusty State Hospital

Linda’s Photovoice story tells us that the treatment conditions in many of our hospitals and clinics are less than sanitary and safe, let alone comforting! The unsanitary conditions are especially hazardous for those people receving breast cancer treatment because their immune systems are so severely compromised.




Do you have a story to tell? Watch this video to discover just how powerful this initiative is.  Click on this link to submit your photograph and story. We want to hear from you. And – by telling your story, you will be adding your voice to the collective shout in raising the national and international awareness that is needed to shake the truth from the trees: South Africa’s people urgently need an equitable and effective breast health policy!