It has been a good journey!

Merlin Osborne – a survivor for eight years – says that running keeps her sane – including running away from negativity!


I look up every morning and I say ‘thank you’

“My colleague at work urged me to go for a mammogram, and she saved my life,” says Suzette Laubscher. “The worst part of it was the waiting, the waiting to find out what the diagnosis is. Its like being in limbo – you hear the words but they don’t sink in,” says Suzette Laubscher.


Get through it!

Baronice Lewis explains that, in her ten years as a survivor, she has learned living with cancer is all about finding your way of coping emotionally. You get through stuff – not under it, not on top but through it!


In the beginning I was afraid

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Combined.pdfDo you have a story to tell? Watch this video to discover just how powerful this initiative is.  Click on this link to submit your photograph and story. We want to hear from you. And – by telling your story, you will be adding your voice to the collective shout in raising the national and international awareness that is needed to shake the truth from the trees: South Africa’s people urgently need an equitable and effective breast health policy!

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“Today Was Different”

On this Inspirational Sunday, we are proud to present Babalwa Malgas’s poignantly majestic poem she wrote about her breast cancer journey:

“Today was different,

As I watch my hands trace the contours of my body, I felt my soft skin against the velvet rubbing of my hands,

Suddenly I felt the rush of sea waves and tasted the salt.

The taste was different from 3 years ago. Today it was soul-fulfilling. I continued with my journey and discovered the unique islands around my stomach.

Yesterday I called them bruises,

Today I call them evidence.

Oh yes, my second chance in life.

I felt the stretching of the corners of my m…outh. It was a smile. A smile from the memories,

Memories of the dark clouds before the sun shines,

Memories of a coward who once thought she was dying.

A smile of new memories.  A smile of Courage and Victory. A Thank You smile at second chances.

Yes, a smile of changing the C to courage, chances, care, crown. Cancer, you were once a chance-taker but now you have been reduced to a coward.

As I finish the journey, I was already touching my toes. I heard a roar of thunder. It was laughter from the heart. I have not laughed like that in a long time. Funny, I’ve had this body for 39 years but today I did not only value its beauty but its toughness to withstand the test of needles and various medicines.

I touched my bruises and no matter how painful they could be,

Today they are evidence of Triumph, Life and Courage.

Wonderful are the works of God.

Mira sunt Opera Dei”

~ Written by Babalwa Malgas, Breast Cancer Survivor ~

Mdantsane, East London, SA

Lioness - Courage - Poem - Breast Cancer
Image by kind courtesy of Pamela Leigh Richards