Tracey Derrick - photographer - breast cancer - self-portrait: lifeline

“In the series, “So Help Me Hannah”, Wilke claimed that taking the pictures improved the quality of her mother’s life. In gesturing and posing for the camera, Selma Butter (Wilke’s mother), felt alive, felt herself in the process of creation. (1998: 36). This has been my experience in this project when taking photographs of myself.

(Lynne) Lomofsky resonates my feelings when she says: “… it is in the delving, digging, probing, unveiling of the layers and scrutinizing the core that personal power is gained – the power of knowledge to make sense of the seemingly incomprehensible. There is also a healing element in forcing into the open that which society wants kept hidden, because the motive for secrecy is fear. By uncovering the truth, one banishes fear and reclaims the power to ‘be the model of one’s own ideology’ 14(2002:67).” ~ Tracey Derrick

14 Lynne Lomofsky: “Body of Evidence”. Master’s thesis, Michaelis, 2002. She has been living with lymphoma cancer since 1992.

TAKEAWAY: Read about Lynne Lomofsky’s exhibition called

“A Pathological Striptease” HERE!

“Untitled” – by Lynne Lomofsky


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