Jumping the hurdles

hrdshpsWhat if my treatment is not available or my medical scheme turns me down or my treatment is not available at a public hospital?

For the last couple of weeks we have focused on the treatment aspect of your breast cancer journey.

Just as your diagnosis was a major hiccough in your life, you may again face a couple of issues before you actually can commence your prescribed treatment plan.

  • Your medical scheme may refuse to fund your treatment
  • Your medical scheme may ask for a co- payment
  • You do not belong to a medical scheme and do not know where to go
  • You do not know if the public sector will be able to provide the same treatment
  • You have been denied treatment

ALL of these are linked to your right to access healthcare that is enshrined in our South African Constitution (We discussed this here)

DO NOT DESPAIR – Campaigning for Cancer NPC, one of the dedicated cancer NPO’s can assist you in this aspect of your journey

Visit their webpage http://www.campaign4cancer.co.za/D_PASK.asp for a comprehensive guide of what to do – irrespective whether you are a patient in the public sector or the private sector.

If all else fails … make contact with us Advocates for Breast Cancer (email abcadvocacy@canceralliance.co.za) and we will redirect your specific issue to the appropriate authorities.


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