Caring for those silicone boobs


Most manufacturers include some guidelines on how to care for a silicone prosthesis.  but Reach for Recovery has also put together some useful tips on how you could ensure that you wear your prosthesis with confidence and extend its life! nrWQsoftleaves-reellook-x100-silicone-breast-form-silicone

Choosing a bra is so important for your comfort!  The bra not only holds the prosthesis in place, but it also protects it from damage. It also supports and shapes the remaining breast.  A bra with full cups and a high front at the centre plus adjustable straps will provide the best support. Mastectomy bras can be obtained from local suppliers (check with your nearest reach for Recovery Group for more details) but we have also found that the cross your heart type bra is a cheaper option and can be bought at retail stores.  If you love feminine, sexy underwear – go for it!  Just ensure that it will give you the support and comfort you need.

You may feel anxious when you first wear your prosthesis and may be concerned about how you look.  With a few minor adjustments you will find out what type of clothing works for you.  Shape and comfort is key to ensure that you can wear your clothes with confidence.  Take a friend with when you go shopping and ask for her honest opinion.  If you love a lower neck line you could wear a scarf to cover it up a bit.  Remember, you don’t have to now start wearing dull, dark and shapeless clothes.  Give yourself time to find out with what style you are most comfortable with wear it with pride.  Beware of brooches or any type of jewellery that could damage your prosthesis.

Hot weather can sometimes cause discomfort wearing a silicone prosthesis – especially for bigger breasted women.  The pocket or breast form cover that comes with a prosthesis will absorb some of the moisture from your body.  If you don’t have a pocket or cover, try using a nursing pad behind the prosthesis.   Wearing light, loose-fitting clothes may also help to cool down to body.   Make sure that you wash your prosthesis every day as the perspiration may cause it to degrade a lot quicker.  Use mild unscented soap and wash it gently in warm water.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft towel.

If you still have the box your prosthesis came in, use it to store your prosthesis as it will protect it and help to keep the shape.  Be careful not to let your prosthesis come into direct contact with deodorants as it may cause damage.  If you had a swim, remember to rinse your prosthesis to get rid of any chlorine or salt.






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