#breastcancer: Targeting Treatments!

2015’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month saw us vlogging instead of blogging, giving South African breast cancer survivors a stage from which to state their survivorship on their own terms, in their own words and in their very own way! Meet these #lifers at our Youtube channel in the series we called Walk With Me. The response has been nothing less than extraordinary – to the point where we’ve decided to continue creating Walk With Me video interviews! Leave a comment below or Facebook us if you’re keen to have your #survivorsay!

This month we are focusing on breast cancer treatment, with each kind of treatment receiving it’s own blog post where we’ll cover everything  about each particular treatment from what the treatment is, why it has been chosen, its side-effects and ways to deal with the side-effects.


  1. SURGERY: breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy), lymph node dissection and mastectomy.
  2. CHEMOTHERAPY: a ‘systemic’ treatment (i.e. affects the entire body because the medicine is carried in the bloodstream) which destroys or weakens cancer cells at both the original cancer site, as well as where they may have spread.
  3. RADIATION THERAPY: (or ‘radiotherapy’) destroys cancer cells in the breast that may linger after surgery.
  4. HORMONAL THERAPY: treats hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers.
  5. TARGETED THERAPIES: these treatments target specific characteristics of cancer cells.
  6. HOLISTIC & COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE: there are many available options, but we are unable to endorse anyof these options and strongly advise that patients always discuss these options with their medical team.

***NB: we will also be looking at treatments that can and can’t be used during pregnancy.

We discovered this AMAZINGINCREDIBLEWOW!WOW!WOW! video by a #lifer that cuts straight to the chase!



(Would you like to do your own version? Let us know! We’d love to have you walk your #lifer talk on our Walk With Me vlogging series!)


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