I look up every morning and I say ‘thank you’

“My colleague at work urged me to go for a mammogram, and she saved my life,” says Suzette Laubscher. “The worst part of it was the waiting, the waiting to find out what the diagnosis is. Its like being in limbo – you hear the words but they don’t sink in,” says Suzette Laubscher.



You can’t do this journey on your own

“Talking about my cancer helped me to be in a better state of mind and to move on with my healing,” says Beryl Arries who is a 10 year cancer survivor


I’m not a pink person but I’m wearing pink every day for October

“You can’t ask for better treatment than you get from Groote Schuur. They were fantastic,” says Laurine Viljoen, whose cancer has been in remission for four years now.

“When you hear the word cancer, you think ‘yay, I’m going to be thin!’ But no. I picked up 30kg!” she says.


Time flies, and we heal, and life carries on

Lisa Fuller is a two-time breast cancer survivor. “When it came back the second time I was extremely angry. I didn’t really want to go through chaemo again, and it has been much more hard on my son, because he is older now.” She explains that life doesn’t stop for cancer – you still have to look after your family, you still have to work and you have to just deal with it.




Breast cancer is not just the lump

Lesley Collopy’s breast cancer was diagnosed on her son’s birthday, eight months ago.

“When you hear your doctor say it is cancer, your whole world implodes. Breast cancer is not just the lump. Not enough support is given to the husbands or children of people with breast cancer. And it is difficult because I don’t think they know how to react around you.”


I expected to die, but 15 years later I’m still here, fit and healthy and positive

“You think you are invincible when you are younger,” says Jennifer Heunis, whose experience with breast cancer opened the eyes of the students that she was teaching. “We all need to educate ourselves about our bodies.”


It is amazing what you can do when you don’t have a choice

“I may have inherited breast cancer, but I also got the gene to overcome it,” says Kate Squire-Howe, a five year survivor of breast cancer. “A cancer diagnosis is a life changing experience. Growing old is not something that is guaranteed. I decided to live the life that I want to live right now.”