Treatment: What Questions Should I Ask About My Treatment?

In order to make an informed decision about your own cancer treatment, you need to (and have a right to!) ask every question that arises in your head (and heart).



Advocates For Breast Cancer - Treatment Advice

It may be very useful for you to keep a diary/notebook to chart your treatment journey – like noting down questions to ask at your next appointment, and then writing down the answers during the appointment itself; or writing down side-effects etc.

Besides writing down the facts and medical nitty-gritties, journaling is also wonderfully therapeutic. Read more here, here and here if this tickles your fancy!

Here are the key questions you should ask your doctors about your specific treatment plan:


  • What treatments are recommended for my cancer?
  • What are the short-terms risks of this treatment?
  • What are the possible long-terms risks of this treatment?
  • Is this hospital able to give me access to the most up-to-date treatment for this kind of cancer — or should I be look further afield?
  • Which are the medical centres of excellence for my particular kind of cancer?
  • Are there an adjuvant (‘extra’ or ‘additional’) treatments which will further improve my chances of survival or well-being?
  • Are there any ‘medical frontier’ treatments for my kind of cancer available? Are they only available privately – and if so, at what sort of cost?
  • Are there any promising research trials going on for my kind of cancer?
  • Are there other types of cancer specialists who may be able to help me? e.g. a surgeon, medical oncologist, GP, palliative care physician, anaesthetist.)

Also, in terms of the timing of your treatment, these are  important questions to ask yourself:


  • Do I want to go straight into medical treatment of my cancer or do I need time to prepare myself mentally, physically and practically (eg. lifestyle, work etc.)?
  • Do I want to put medical treatment on hold as an option, while I work only with a holistic approach in improving my health? Do I want to try alternative cancer treatments?
  • If I do wish to defer medical treatment while trying to use natural methods, am I sure I’m not putting myself at undue risk?



Top Breast Cancer Apps (for Android and iPhone!)


Cancer Guide App (only for iPhone…)


And, for those you with an old-fashioned passion for stationery: click here for some gorgeous (and effective!) journey-journaling ideas!



{ Questions kind courtesy of the Cancer Lifeline Programme, Dr Rosy Daniel of Health Creation }


Advocates for Breast Cancer - Dr Rosy Daniel - Integrated Medicine


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