The Long and Winding Road

Photovoice-19a Photovoice-19b Photovoice-19cDo you have a story to tell? Watch this video to discover just how powerful this initiative is.  Click on this link to submit your photograph and story. We want to hear from you. And – by telling your story, you will be adding your voice to the collective shout in raising the national and international awareness that is needed to shake the truth from the trees: South Africa’s people urgently need an equitable and effective breast health policy!


2 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. I am over half way with my treatment for stage 3 HER 2 POSITIVE Breast cancer.. after my lumpectomy my results come back all cancer has been removed and that I am cancer free… still have 13 herciptons to go and 30 raditions… I will also be on a hormonal blocker for 5 years… it has been quite journey which started on the 18th of December 2014.. I have been very blessed I did not have any nasua and have copt well with the other side effects. .. I desperately want to help other ladies going through breast cancer. ..

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