How One Husband Survived The Battle They Didn’t Choose

Our one blogger, Lisa wrote:

I was supposed to write a post for today about diagnosis – and how it affects our partners… And though I discovered many incredibly useful articles and began jotting down key points for today’s post, I stumbled upon this video of a man telling the love story of him and his wife, and how her breast cancer diagnosis changed their lives… As I type, (tears; I try to blink them away before anyone walks into my office) I have decided to  abandon the very practical blog post I’d mapped out and rather post it tomorrow — because right now, this man’s story will give you so much more than my blog post ever could.


TAKEAWAY: (Maybe worth sharing with your loved ones?) Read Angelo’s blog: The Battle We Didn’t Choose and see how he photographed their cancer journey. He says: ‘I created to suvive.’


922011 Chemo nurse accessing mediport



After nearly a year and a half of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, a few eyelashes still hang on.




After running her hands through her hair Jen shows me how much is falling out due to chemotheray treament.



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