Smoking Ain’t Sexy! (i.e. Smoking is Specifically & Very Scientifically Linked to Breast Cancer)

Today is International No Tobacco Day – and all around the world, people are actively acknowledging that, well… smoking kills.

(See below just some of the hard-hitting #StopSmoking ads we found.)

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Smoking causes nearly 6 MILLION DEATHS every single year — and, alarmingly, 600 000 of those people were the unwitting victims of selfish, second-hand smoke.


DID YOU KNOW: Smoking has been specifically linked to breast cancer!


In 2013, the results of the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study were published. The results were nothing less than sobering. Staggeringly sobering, in fact.

Researchers studied 73 388 women, looking at their health over 13 years. In that time, 3721 new cases of breast cancer were reported. The rate of new cases was 24% higher in smokers than in non-smokers! And… 13% higher in former smokers than in non-smokers! 

Another cancer catalyst is ALCOHOL. (Ouch.) When the researchers investigated the specific risk associated with alcohol consumption, they discovered this: the increased risk in smokers was limited to current or former alcohol drinkers, and was not seen in those who never drank. (Double ouch.)

The  American Cancer Society explained that the risk of invasive breast cancer was highest in women who began smoking at an earlier age. When compared to women who never smoked, those who started smoking before their first menstrual cycle had a 61% higher risk, while those who started smoking after their first cycle, but 11 or more years before having a child, had a 45% higher risk.

The researchers also found that these results were supported by the findings of earlier cohort studies. When combining the results of nine studies (including this one), they found a 12% increase in breast cancer risk among women who started smoking at a younger age, and a 21% increase in risk among women who started before the birth of their first child. (Too many ouches now to bother counting, right?)

There’s no denying these hard cold facts, is there? If you are a smoker, we urge you to make this very day the first one in your no-smoking, cancer-cancelling journey! We’re here for you – and will make very sure we can connect you with the right people who can support, inform and cheer you on! Inbox us on our Facebook page so we can help!


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