The challenge of small things

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Do you have a story to tell? Watch this video to discover just how powerful this initiative is.  Click on this link to submit your photograph and story. We want to hear from you. And – by telling your story, you will be adding your voice to the collective shout in raising the national and international awareness that is needed to shake the truth from the trees: South Africa’s people urgently need an equitable and effective breast health policy!

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3 thoughts on “The challenge of small things

  1. As a layman, I am learning so much about health (natural health) and there is so much ‘out there’ about natural treatments for cancer – I just cannot understand why the primary treatments still seem to he chemotherapy and then surgery.
    I have recently read a booklet titled ‘No more Illness’ – it presents a very clear and simple argument, about all the into I can’t we put into ourselves in the firm of refined foods etc, & then when the body tries to detox, via a cold or flu or fever, medical doctors then prescribe pills to deal with the symptoms, effectively blocking the body from gettingetting rid of its toxicity, via fevers etc. The toxicities in the body then gradually build up, until a serious illness develops many years later eget. Cancer – it all seems so simple – keep a.clean and well functioning colon/ bowel, & your body should be able to fend for itself…

  2. Hi John
    This is a very hard question to anwer, and diet is certainly an important factor. Based on the current research, this is our position at the moment:

    Cancer is a very difficult illness to understand. It is not only one illness it is more or less 300 different types of cancers, each one with its own unique characteristics

    The causative factors are therefore incredibly complex, and there is no clear real cause for this group of illnesses.

    Research over the last 25 years that is showing some results that give clues about the different factors that influence cancer.

    The curent treatment is based on scientific reseach, but there is no one-stop treatment option for any cancers and treatment is changing all the time.

    With the current treatment protocols, a lot can be done to ensure that 26 million people world-wide are cancer survivors‎. The impact of diet and other therapies still has to be proven with robust clinical research.


  3. Hi John
    Here’s a reply from another of our board members:
    Healthy and well functioning bodies can often self-regulate or heal themselves BUT cancer by its very nature is a collection of bizarre and out of control cells that wreck havoc with normal tissue and functioning of the body. Hence, physical removal is a common approach where possible, and then the use of chemo or radiation to damage those out of control cells and try to stop them from doing further damage.

    It is important that the patient tries to maintain a well functioning body via good eating, lifestyle choices, exercise etc even while on treatment – to optimise recovery and to assist the body’s own healing mechanisms. And, of course, lifestyle choices are of paramount importance after treatment and into survivorship.

    We all know people who have lived very healthy lives and have really looked after their bodies and still develop a cancer…

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