Anthea’s story

IMG-20150121-WA0004My story began when I went to the gynaecologist for a scan to see my baby. What happened was that I got much more than a scan: the doctor did a head to toe examination. He found a lump in my breast and he sent me to a surgeon for a biopsy the following day.

My happiness changed to sadness because the doctor told me I had cancer.

I had a lot of questions that only God could answer. I woke up at 3am the Saturday morning with a song, God is the alpha and the omega and God can do anything and then I cried nonstop for an hour.

I took the Bible and opened it on Job, and read where Job’s wife asked him why he doesn’t curse God for letting bad things happen to him. Job replied “why do you just want to accept good from God and not the bad?” I got my strength from those words.

The next step was a visit to an oncologist. He did a lot of tests to see if I was strong enough for treatment. He said that if not, they would have to abort the baby. In the year 2008 I was the 27th women who was pregnant and had cancer. I was lucky, I could have treatment because I was strong. God was so good to me. I never got sick, no side effects except for losing my hair. I accepted it and decided to beat cancer.

I received four chemotherapy sessions and on 23 July 2008 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The next day she was sent home and I went to the surgical ward for my mastectomy. That morning, as I was preparing myself for surgery, I looked at myself in the mirror and I started to cry. That was when it really hit me – this would be my last moments as a perfect woman. I was scared but God was so good to me.

I did not receive any blood. Even the doctors were amazed and said it was a miracle after I lost so much blood. I went home a few days later and I looked after my own baby with a lot of assistance from family and friends.

I had four more chemo sessions and radiation after that.

Now, six years later, I have dedicated my life to teach women how to do breast self examinations, and to awareness, support groups, counselling. I know my volunteer work could change lives. Women need to know what to look for. They must make time for themselves to check their breasts once a month and to go for a mammogram once a year.

 Anthea Martin

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One thought on “Anthea’s story

  1. Keep working and praising God. One day we will win the battle of breast cancer against women and men

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