New year, new adventures

Today is the last day of 2014, and we would like to wish all of our readers the very best that 2015 has to offer. We know that the journey many of us are on is not an easy one, but we also know that there are great highs and incredible achievements to celebrate, even in the worst of times.

We hope you will keep reading – and please keep contributing. We really treasure your comments. Thank you to those of you who have inspired us with your stories in 2014, and we hope to hear from many more in the new year.

Thank you for your support for our quest for a breast health policy in South Africa. It is a goal we know we will achieve, and with your backing we hope it will be sooner rather than later.

We end this year’s posts with some words of advice from Nancy Stordahl, whose wonderful and inspiring blog is at

1.  Cut back and ask for help. Just because you’ve always done holidays a certain way, it doesn’t mean you must keep on doing things the same way. And asking for help with anything that is making you feel stressed is perfectly fine, maybe even necessary.

2.  Forget about trying to create the perfect holiday. It doesn’t exist anyway except in movies or on TV. And after loss, or after a cancer diagnosis and then treatment, things just are not the same and they never will be again. Be realistic. Sometimes less really is more.

3.  Try to eat healthy, but for heaven’s sake enjoy the holiday eating too. Remember it’s all about striving for balance and sometimes things are out of balance for a bit.

4.  Exercise and rest. You need both (maybe even more so during the holidays) and it’s essential to carve out time every day for at least a bit of exercise (walking around the mall counts too), and as much rest as you can squeeze in.

5. Be real. It’s perfectly fine to have feelings of sadness, grief or whatever you might be feeling mixed in with joy and happiness. Feelings never have to be of only one kind.

See you in 2015!



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