Being a Woman

The number of different risks that face the world’s women every day boggles the mind. Type the search term “Women at risk of…” into Google, and you are presented with about 1 780 000 000 results.

As a woman, you are more likely to be abused by your life partner, to break bones when you fall, to be overworked and underpaid and to face a host of other challenges in your life. And, surprise surprise! You are also much more at risk than men when it comes to breast cancer.

In fact, the biggest risk factor there is when it comes to breast cancer is being born a woman.

But, we all know it is not all doom and gloom!

The Power of Women Who Stand Together

Type the search term “women support” into Google and you are presented with 1 830 000 000 results. Most women who have experienced the pain and the fear of a breast cancer diagnosis have also experienced the joy and the hope that comes from the support that they get from other women.

Recognising the importance of support is one of the 1st steps you can take in taking charge of your  cancer journey. So speak with someone who has come through the experience – it is inspiring and it builds hope !


When it comes to standing together, women in the breast cancer community can’t be beaten.

If you need support or information, you can find contact details of any of the organisations that are part of breast Cancer ABC here.





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