Live NOW!

This ‘inSpirational Sunday’, Jennifer Heunis inspires us with her bold message of hope, courage and sheer audacity in the face of the Big C:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, shortly before my 34th birthday. My father had died a horrible death with pancreatic cancer in 1986 and, of course, this went through my head. I also saw what a strain it was on my mother. I did not want her to go through the same strain with me.

One thing I never found out, never asked  and was too scared to ask was, ‘What stage was I?’

My surgeon had told me, ‘I have seen people die in your condition and some live.’ I told him I was going to live. Each time I see my oncologist – I go for regular check-ups – she tells me I really am a miracle. This comment scares me a little – and then I shrug it off. I try to keep fit, and have just completed the Clanwilliam triathlon on 4 October! 
On Saturday 11 October, I attended a Breast Cancer Awareness morning at Sports Science. It is arranged by Life Healthcare, and has a variety of doctors speaking. (It is free to attend and was very interesting.) One of the doctors spoke about ‘stages’. I worked out that I am Stage 4!!! My tumour was bigger than 2cm; mine was 7cm. The tumour was into the rib cage; all my glands under my arms were infected and they picked up a splotch/shadow on my lung. They spoke about ‘metastatic breast cancer’ – and I know that whenever I have check-ups, this is always written on all my xray/blood forms. The doctor also said this is incurable, but that I can be assured of a good life for another 5 to 10 years – which really freaked me out.

As far as I am concerned I am cancer-free, healthy and will be around for many years.

Now I have little people running around in my head and I have to constantly tell them to ‘bugger off’! Amazing how one’s mind plays tricks on us. Perhaps, sometimes, it is good to be ignorant.
So – I will continue: running, swimming, cycling and dragon-boating with my Amabele-Belle team! I will enter more triathlons. I will prove that life is good and that as a cancer SURVIVOR, one can do anything and everything! We are all going to die one day — and we need to LIVE now.”   

Superwoman - Breast Cancer - Strength


Thank you for being such a Can-DO inspiration, Jennifer!

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