“Today Was Different”

On this Inspirational Sunday, we are proud to present Babalwa Malgas’s poignantly majestic poem she wrote about her breast cancer journey:

“Today was different,

As I watch my hands trace the contours of my body, I felt my soft skin against the velvet rubbing of my hands,

Suddenly I felt the rush of sea waves and tasted the salt.

The taste was different from 3 years ago. Today it was soul-fulfilling. I continued with my journey and discovered the unique islands around my stomach.

Yesterday I called them bruises,

Today I call them evidence.

Oh yes, my second chance in life.

I felt the stretching of the corners of my m…outh. It was a smile. A smile from the memories,

Memories of the dark clouds before the sun shines,

Memories of a coward who once thought she was dying.

A smile of new memories.  A smile of Courage and Victory. A Thank You smile at second chances.

Yes, a smile of changing the C to courage, chances, care, crown. Cancer, you were once a chance-taker but now you have been reduced to a coward.

As I finish the journey, I was already touching my toes. I heard a roar of thunder. It was laughter from the heart. I have not laughed like that in a long time. Funny, I’ve had this body for 39 years but today I did not only value its beauty but its toughness to withstand the test of needles and various medicines.

I touched my bruises and no matter how painful they could be,

Today they are evidence of Triumph, Life and Courage.

Wonderful are the works of God.

Mira sunt Opera Dei”

~ Written by Babalwa Malgas, Breast Cancer Survivor ~

Mdantsane, East London, SA

Lioness - Courage - Poem - Breast Cancer
Image by kind courtesy of Pamela Leigh Richards

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