How Can I Be an Advocate for Breast Cancer?

QUESTION 1: How Can I Advocate?

QUESTION 2: Will My Voice Even Have an Impact?

Before we answer the first question, we want to encourage you with a resounding YES!: you can make a difference. Imagine the ABC advocacy campaign as a choir (in full throttle!) We each have our own unique place to fill in that choir and we can’t do without you – and every single other voice who want to sing this same, critically important and powerful anthem!

You can be an advocate in a number of ways – and at different levels of involvement. One of the ways is via social media – of which many of us are either addicts or newbies. (For social media newbies, we will be publishing our ‘Twitter 101’ on Sunday to get you started!) Whether expert or newbie, social media is an exciting, engaging and very real way to get your message out there – and to a large number of people.

  1. The ABC Blog: The blog is one of three spokes in our social media advocacy campaign, and you can use the blog to advocate by:
  • commenting on the blog posts
  • being part of the important conversations within the Comments section beneath each blog post
  • by clicking on the ‘Share’ buttons at the bottom of the posts, you can share the post immediately, effortlessly and powerfully to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. You can even email it directly to friends, family and colleagues using the ‘Email’ share button!
  1. Facebook: ‘Like’ ABC’s Facebook page (Advocates for Breast Cancer) to stay up to date with the latest news, as well as join voices with the other followers.
  • ‘Like’ the posts
  • ‘Share’ the posts to your own timeline; a remember to tag people in the posts and ask them to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the posts as well
  • Get involved in the question-asking, thought-provoking conversations in the Comments section; these are the conversations that change the world!
  1. Twitter: Follow us on @BreastcancerABC
  • Retweet @BreastcancerABC’s Tweets
  • Respond with your own ideas and answers to our Tweets. (This is especially how YOU are going to be the difference we all want to see in this situation!)
  • Tweet about advocacy, breast health policy and breast cancer information (eg. breast health, breast cancer, public care, human rights, latest medical research, genetics etc.)
  • And ALWAYS REMEMBER to tag us in your Tweets so we can Retweet you. This means everyone on our timeline will also ‘hear your voice and listen’!

Birds of a feather Tweet together!

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou


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