31 Burning Issues

31 Days in a Month = 31 Issues that Need Highlighting


As the Advocates for Breast Cancer advocacy campaign unfolds and gathers momentum, the following 31 issues will be explored in detail – providing the facts about breast cancer, as well as why we desperately need an effective, equitable and sustainable breast health policy for all our South African people – and what the consequences of not having one are.

Unpacking these 31 issues will give us the opportunity to ask the really BIG questions, open up this can of worms and get talking and shouting (if necessary!) by advocating together, as well  as by suggesting solutions. More than anything, we want the various social media platforms of this campaign to be a safe, welcoming and active space where you can make your voice heard:

  • Where you can tell your story.
  • Where you can ask questions.
  • Where you can give answers.
  • Where you can connect with others.
  • Where you can be real.

You can be an advocate by commenting on the ABC blog, by sharing the blog link on your personal Facebook page, as well as by commenting on the ABC Facebook page. Post your own photographs, thoughts and info you know needs to be shared. And Tweet! Tweet up a storm with us on Twitter! Be that nightingale in the Twittersphere only YOU can be: be heard! We want to hear what you have to say. South Africa’s people, patients, survivors, the government and the whole world NEED to hear your voice!

So, to whet your appetite for the weeks ahead, here are our 31 Issues:

  1. What is ‘advocacy’?
  2. Who is involved in ABC?
  3. Why ‘ABC’ and what exactly do we want to achieve?
  4. What are the various roles and tasks of the organisations within the ABC coalition?
  5. What are our constitutional rights?
  6. What are our responsibilities as South African citizens?
  7. Cancer in SA is not regarded as a priority.
  8. The National Cancer Register: the data is not reflecting the true picture.
  9. The current situation of Breast Cancer as outlined by the WHO (World Health Organisation.)
  10. Our SA reality: 10% of women = private sector versus 90% of women = public sector
  11. The state of breast cancer services in SA: public versus private
  12. The cancer continuum of care: the journey of a BC patient
  13. What is a ‘patient-centred approach’? What is ‘public private partnership’?
  14. How can you prevent breast cancer?
  15. The how-to of breast self-examination (BSE)
  16. Do you know if you are at risk?
  17. Do genetics play a role?
  18. Who gets breast cancer? Male vs female, old vs young etc.
  19. When and where to go for screening?
  20. Mammography or not: the Debate
  21. How is BC diagnosed?
  22. What treatments are available?
  23. When is surgery performed?
  24. Lymphoedema – when does this happen and what can be done if it does?
  25. Chemotherapy – the highs and lows.
  26. Radiotherapy – the short and sweet of it.
  27. Neo-adjuvent therapies: What is this?
  28. Supportive Care: we all need this!
  29. Palliative Care: What is it and when do refer to it as ‘palliation’?
  30. Metastatic Breast Cancer: the 13th of October is dedicated to MBC Day.
  31. Research: What is the latest?

We would really love to hear from you. Because we care about you! And because YOUR voice WILL make the difference that so badly needs being made. Email Lisa at lisa@onedropofink.co.za or ‘Lynne at lynne@hippocommunications.com to tell your story and get involved like only you can! Get stuck into this meaty conversation and leave your comments in the box below, or Facebook and Tweet the way forward for South Africa!


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