Seeing with New Eyes

In our previous post about how using metaphors to understand, explain and cope with breast cancer and its physical and emotional repercussions, we touched on the use of visualisation as a healing and emotional management tool. We also strongly support the recommendation that patients and survivors ask for psycho-social assistance and community support through their clinic or hospital.

 Many therapists include guided visualisations and relaxation techniques which assist in managing anxiety and improving a general sense of physical well-being. What tends to happen, though, is that most patients don’t actually know they can request the service – and the wider implication is that if insufficient people request it, they service is very likely to be discontinued.

 We’ve included two excerpts for you, one from a scientific journal and the other from a therapeutic counselling expert, about visualisation techniques and the evidence which proves its effectiveness:

 “Since the body and mind are so connected, when we change the image or the metaphor in our mind, our emotions AND body begin to respond to the new image. I have witnessed people who have experienced a complete healing of illnesses, a change of perspective, forgiveness or a very profound understanding when using this approach.” — Lamp On The Path

 “What is healing but a change in perspective?” 

Advocates for Breast Cancer

Whilst researching scientific facts for you about the power of your mind over your body and visualisation, we discovered this brilliant video by Dr David Hamilton who is Whole Science’s mind-body expert:

If you’ve used visualisation before as a technique to manage your heart and body’s einas and hopes, we’d love to hear how it helped you! Have your say in the Comments box below, or join our conversations on Facebook or Twitter.


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