What about the men?


PowerPoint Presentation


We were really interested to see this analysis of awareness campaigns in South Africa, Spain and the USA. It seems logical that there should be greater awareness of breast cancer among women, but this study of global TV media was not just on mentions of breast cancer. The coverage of all cancers is skewed towards women.

What do you think the reason could be? What should be done to change this?







2 thoughts on “What about the men?

  1. From my perspective the amount of media attention, public health resource allocation and funding for clinical research have more to do with cultural imperatives than anything else. At puberty women enter into the “company of women”, with her mother, aunts, sisters, and friends providing immediate and ongoing input regarding the necessities of health as a woman. Conversations regarding PAP smears, mammograms, menstrual problems, regular check-ups are part of the female dialogue. While men, at puberty, are taught that “men don’t cry”, if you fall and scrape your knee put some spit on it, get up and get on with it. Men don’t share their “feelings”, their fears, and uncertainties, much less their physical weaknesses or health concerns. When have you heard one man say to another: “Hey, I’m going to the men’s room, you want to come with me.” That willingness by women to go public with their needs has galvanized the breast cancer movement and other causes and enabled them to put pressure on their political leaders, corporate executives and husbands to gain the attention for what they need. If we are to achieve some degree of gender parity, men must begin to do the same.

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